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Take Care of Your Employees Through the WICA Insurance Policy

Every business has to protect its employees, especially if the workers do manual labor and are at risk of getting injured. The WICA or Workers Injury Compensation Act is a kind of insurance policy that employers need to purchase to protect their employees and themselves. It allows the employees to file a claim if they get injured or suffer from disease due to a workplace incident. So you must take care of your employees by getting this insurance policy to protect them from financial problems. For tailored made WICA insurance policies, check out G&M.

 Know & Understand Your Responsibilities as Employers

WICA Insurance is a compulsory insurance for employees in Singapore. Regardless of salary levels, all employees are covered under this insurance policy. If your business is all about manual labor and dealing with heavy machinery, then you should have this kind of insurance to protect yourself and your employees. If they get into a fatal or non-fatal accident, you need to continue paying their medical leave wages and medical expenses. And you must not send them home if they have a pending WICA claim. You will receive your payment from the insurance company in due time, but you need first to take care of your employees.

For tailored made WICA insurance policies, check out G&M.

Important Steps to Take if the Employee Gets Injured

The first thing you need to do is to notify the Ministry of Manpower or MOM about the accident. But you need to continue paying for their medical leave wages and medical expenses while MOM sends you a medical report form. After that, you must give the hospital or clinic the form they need to fill out. Then, send it back to MOM for further evaluation. Once you receive the notice of assessment, that’s the time you will know the compensation amount. So you must wait for the whole process to finish before you can get your repayment.

What You Need to Report to MOM

You must report a work-related incident to the Ministry of Manpower if it resulted in the death of an employee, the employee was given leave (MC or hospitalization leave), or light duty. If the injuries are non-permanent, notify MOM right away if the employee’s doctor certified that the injuries have permanently caused your employee to reduce their earning capacity and if they wish to claim compensation for the said issue. You can report the incident online and inform your insurer as soon as possible.