mortgage loan singapore

The Overview Of Mortgage Loan Singapore

A mortgage loan is a type of secured loan that allows the person to use the funds by providing immovable assets such as a building and anything that is not movable. The lender will keep the immovable asset until a person pays the entire loan. A person can acquire a mortgage loan singapore easily. These loans are offered by banks and-banking finance companies.

Features of mortgage loans

  • Lenders accept entirely constructed properties, such as houses or shops.
  • Lenders accept not all types of properties.
  • It is regarded as a secured loan because the lenders provide the loan amount by taking the property.
  • This loan can be customised to meet the requirements of the person.
  • Mortgage loans can be repaired in monthly instalments, which are affordable to pay.

Reasons to take a mortgage loan.

A mortgage loan can be taken for the following points mentioned below:

  • It can be taken for the medical reason
  • Paying the fees of children
  • Starting a new business
  • To renovate the home
  • To do the wedding of a person


mortgage loan singapore

Benefits of mortgage loan

  • A person can continue to be the legal owner of their property while still benefiting from the loan.
  • These loans are secured loans. That’s why they are quickly
  • The interest rate on the mortgage loan is much lower than the personal loan.


Types of interest rate on the mortgage loan

  • Fixed interest rate: This rate type remains the same for an entire loan period. A person can opt for the fixed rate for getting shorter tenure. If a person wants long term, they should not opt for a fixed interest rate.
  • Floating Interest rate: The interest rates are adjusted according to the market rates. This rate can change periodically.

Disadvantages of mortgage loan

  • Interest is always coming with the mortgage loan. When a person or back the loan, they also must pay back the interest. Some lenders charge higher interest rates than others.
  • A person must pay the legal fees insurance fees while paying the interest rate.
  • Property constantly changes its value. As a result, mortgage rates also increase, and people will become unable to pay the instalments because of a lack of funds.


Mortgage loans are the most secured loans in which a person lends their immovable assets to a lender, and in return, they provide the funds. A person has to pay the interest on the mortgage loan. A person needs a mortgage loan for various reasons such as medical issues, marriage, education, and more. The mortgage loan singapore provides a high-interest rate because the value of their assets is also high.