Handyman Services

Perquisites Of An Office Handyman Services Singapore

As the name suggests, handyman is a person who performs various houseold activities, they might not always be licensed but are always skillfully trained. A handyman usually aims to score a small project which can be finished in a specific amount of time and causes minimum labour as well as has reasily available pay. On the contrary to handymen, one may hite a contractor who would have to be bookedthrough an appointment, wiuld have a license and specific skills for specific jobs.

Responsibilities of a handyman:

Generally office handyman services singapore is responsible for all the electrical, plumbing and mechanical repairing. And as per the demand of the company or the customer thry could also be bound to engage into maintenance with landscape workers in order to ensure that the external areas are safe and kept in good condition. The candidate for handyman work must have wide range of skills however they’ll only ever be recognized when they repair beyond their skill set which would further lead ro recommendation by their superior.

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Various responsibilities of a handyman may include:

  • Being able to electrically repair community areas such as lights and laundry related problems.
  • Being able to fix mechanical equipments.
  • Being able to maintain a building.
  • Being able to repair and install and paint windows, walls, ceilings, roofs and yet other parts of a building.
  • Being able to maintain recycling and trash respectables all around the facility.
  • Baing able to maintain cleanliness including of the utside spaces like the parking lots and sidewalks.
  • Being able to oversee the trash containers and sprinkler system at the company premises.
  • Being able to conduct tge performance assessments of company appliances, like refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, ovens and coffee makers.
  • Being able to provide with the clients’ support and guidance for maintaining their equipment.
  • Having strong communication skills.
  • Having property management skills and good time management.


Qualification Requirements of a handyman:

A handyman as suh does not require much educational qualification however he must have the basic educational background which includes:

  • Being a high school diploma holder or having any equivalent qualification.
  • Having a minimum 2 year working experience in the similar role of an all-to-do-handyman.
  • Must have adequate solid experience in plumbing and other electrical systems.
  • Having the credible ability to work alongside with hardware tools.
  • Having the credible ability to work alongside with power equipments.
  • Must have extremely good organizational skills.
  • Must have extremely good communication skills.
  • Must be detailed oriented along with having an aptitude for any sprt of problem solving issues.